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AdvancedJDMParts.com | Tuesday, 21 February 2012 20:46

Firm400 Shot of the JDM Sport Models - Elyse, Brittani, Lena Love

WEKSOS Industries kicks off it's inaugural 2012 Car Show tour at it's home base in San Francisco at Fort Mason March 12th and AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) was lucky to make the ride up to NorCal with our friends at Firm400.com (Firm400 Magazine, JDM Sport, AimGain U.S./3T Motorsports, and the AdvanSpec Network AND models Brittani, Elyse, and Lena Love! Here's our coverage of what went down and our views of the EPIC Show

Just steps away from the beach and Fisherman's Wharf, Fort Mason was home to last year's "EPIC" Car Show so popular with the Northern California crowd! The popularity spread like wildfire down to the Southern California crowd and ever since last year's show it's been the buzz on social media, friends of friends, forums, and every automotive enthusiast everywhere. Being a limited on space, WEKSOS Industries (founders/creators of the WEKFEST event) chose vendors and cars that they felt represented the type of show WEKFEST should be presented as. A few of cars sponsored by our affiliates JDM Sport didn't make it up BUT we had quite a few that represented and who were sponsored in the show. JDM Sport sent in to be a vendor last minute and couldn't make the submissions in time. So at the last minute AFTER Monster Jam 2012 @ Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. JDM Sport, Firm400, AimGain US/3T Motorsports, and the AdvancedJDMParts team decided to go and support the SoCal cars that were up there representing!

So with Monster Jam 2012 @ Dodger Stadium over in the late hours of the night we prepared to leave the stadium and pick up the show cars that were present. All vehicles were ready to leave when we noticed that the notorious JDM Sport turbo'd S2K was leaking oil After the JDM Sport team diagnosed the problem - it was found that the oil pressure line had melted and popped off. All that was needed was to seal that inlet and luckily the pit crews for all the monster trucks were still there packing. Thanks to Grave Diggers Crew and DRIVER as well as the Hot Wheels Crew and DRIVER who took the time to help the JDM Sport team fix the issue with the oil leak.

With the oil leak issue fixed, it was about 12AM and this last minute trip was looking like it would be more than just a mission. The crews still needed to pack and the models needed to pack and get ready for the trip as well. So everybody was given an hour to prepare and meet up at AJP Distributors (JDM Sport HQ). Around 2AM - everybody met up and the long arduous journey to WEKFEST 2012 San Francisco at Fort Mason began!

For those who haven't made the long trip up north late night, let us tell you that it's just repetitive long roads of farmland and the occasional small towns. But other than that we won't spend time telling you how the journey up went but it took roughly 7 hours for the few stops made to stretch and for restroom breaks.

As we arrived at the show we luckily ran into some Southern California friends (TMAC of Low N Slow to mention a few) who were showing in WEKFEST that took the JDM Sport x AdvanSpec Network crews/models in as media! Some of our group were unable to bypass the lines and stayed outside to fight the long lines but luckily we were one of the few who made it in. As you walk into Fort Mason you notice a HUGE SEA of WEKFEST fans awaiting their time to reach the land of lucky few - front of the line. Many waited in line for HOURS and once you paid your way you were greeted with many stanced vehicles. Majority of the vehicles were from Northern California and looking very clean. We spotted the few Southern California cars - including the Low n' Slow Acura TSX (owner Tracy "T-MAC" Shaw) who helped get us in sooner than later. The team also greeted many of our Southern California counterparts including - BIG ABE, Import Fashion, HIN Crew Members, Bisimoto, Wheel Flip, Kuya Protection, itsJDMyo, Elite AutoConcepts, just to name a few. The JDM Sport models were getting major love from all the WEKFEST fans - picture ops, posing with cars, and conversing with the fans made it all the better in the CROWDED halls. Vendors were spread out and the usual NOS Energy Drink was there handing out drinks along with many of the NORCAL vendors including BLOX, iCLIQUE model lounge, Fatlace, Rotiform, Canibeat, Winner's Circle, and more!

The Car Show portion seemed to be moreso "stanced" vehicles or maybe this was the theme? There was a few tuner/performance vehicles here and their but they did share a "stanced" look and appeal. The halls REALLY seemed crowded and organized in an awkward way - seeming like vendors and cars were crammed into each hallway at Fort Mason. Patrons faced issues with walking as there was very little elbow room if any to enjoy the show. Picture ops for media and fans were little to none as there was very little space in front of cars because of people would walk right in front of the camera if you didn't have people block off your photo op. Aside from these issues WEKFEST was an enthusiasts DREAM for NorCal residents. SoCal fans just saw it was too much inconveniences to wait in a line for hours only to hope to see the show for 1 hr or so. But as with any show there is room for improvements so hopefully WEKFEST will look into a larger venue and improve on crowd control and organization of the show itself. Maybe grow the type of vehicles being shown - although ALL of the vehicles present and showing were all award winning vehicles in their own way.

iCLIQUE models lounge was present so for all the fans of models you had an opportunity to see your favorite there. If not there you'd see them representing one of the many companies inside. We saw quite a few including Holly Lee, Michelle Yee, Jeri Lee, Corrisa Fur, and more aside from the lovely JDM Sport Models - Elyse, Brittani, and Lena Love! You definitely could get your fix of models at the WEKFEST event.

As time drew near to the close of WEKFEST 2012 we made sure to meet and greet with some of the local media from NorCal! Some great guys over at RETRENDERS.COM interviewed the JDM Sport models as well as Firm400 and JDM Sport's own Lee H. and AdvanSpec Network's Sal B. Shouts to them for taking time out to talk with us.

All in all it was a GREAT trip and WEKFEST was a good show. Rooms for improvement here and there and definitely should look into a bigger venue! Thanks for having us and we look forward to the WEKFEST 2012 Event in Southern California wherever you decide to have it.

Thanks to JDM Sport, Firm400, AdvanSpec Network, and models Elyse, Brittani, Lena Love for making it an enjoyable and fun experience. Also thanks to John Marinas of 3T Motorsports/AimGain US for his hospitality of allowing us to join the caravan. Shouts to Tracy aka "T-MAC" of Low n' Slow for helping us get into the event! Much appreciated everybody!

MORE Photos and Coverage can be seen at:



or www.Firm400.com

Hope you enjoyed -- 'til next event!

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