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Irwindale "Toyota" Speedway closing? What will happen for track events coming up for 2012 at this track? **UPDATE 2/14/2012** PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Monday, 13 February 2012 19:39

Irwindale "Toyota" Speedway Closes! What's going to happen for track events in 2012?

**UPDATE #3** Looks like WEBSITE has been shut-down and there is talks between various circles in regards who will take over the track - many sources have pointed towards Lucas Oil and another track located in Ohio that are interested. The ENTIRE 2012 TRACK/RACE season has also been cancelled at Irwindale Speedway as well. BUT events which were made prior to these happenings may still go on.


- The ENTIRE track is not dismantled and removed yet.

- Only the Pit Area Grand Stands have been moved.

- The Storage and Offices have been cleared by the previous staff this past weekend as moving trucks were spotted loading and moving items out of these spaces.

- Track Staff have received last checks.

- NO "OFFICIAL" statements have been made by the track itself BUT sources from HIN, Formula Drift, XDC, and various industry affiliates state that there events will venture into different venues if no answers are made regarding the Toyota Speedway facility status soon.

**UPDATE #2** Apprently "CLOSE" is going to be a loose term as STAFFING and MANAGEMENT will be changed. Or will it?

According to Wrecked Magazine - http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2012/02/12/irwindale-speedway-updates-along-with-statement-from-jim-liaw/

"1. Toyota had a 10 year deal with the track starting in 2007 with a escape clause after 5 years. The beginning of 2012 would mark 5 years with the track. Toyota used this escape clause to pack up and leave losing the title sponsorship of the track. So now Toyota Speedway (which nobody ever called it anyway) is officially Irwindale Speedway once again.

2. The people running the track were not the owners of the track. Apparently according to people who have worked with the track this was a common misrepresentation. They had a 50+ year lease with the track under some agreement that has seemingly fallen apart/not been honored. Apparently they worked on a deal with Lucas Oil to take over as title sponsors but several sources told me it probably fell apart when they didn’t own the track.

3. Another allegation given to me by an anonymous tip, note we have no evidence of this, but the management in place was involved in some accounting and other business misconducts  which may have led the track owners to relinquish them or a breach of that lease contract took place.

4. From what we are told the track has bookings almost through 2012 with tons of special events, films, and other events going on. The track owners are poised to continue operation themselves or with another management group because a ton of money in events is on the table for this season. I have seen some written rumors that Lucas Oil or Spears Mfg. are looking to make a purchase of the track.

5.  Formula Drift is the largest grossing attendance event at Irwindale Speedway by a long shot so if the track stays open we would have to imagine they would want the House of Drift to be filled in October with crazed drift fans and a national championship. "

AND a statement being released from Jim Liaw through Formula Drift stating - (Also Wrecked Magazine)

“There has been recent news regarding the status of Irwindale Speedway. This situation is still very fluid and there is nothing definitive on the future of the facility or Formula DRIFT’s event there. There are rumors ranging from full closure to “business as usual” with changes only to staff and their in-house NASCAR and drag racing events, again nothing is definitive. The current issue from what we understand is between the facility operators and the property owners. Formula DRIFT will be monitoring the situation at Irwindale and will provide updates via our website and social media channels. As we have proven in the past, no matter what happens, Formula DRIFT will be prepared.”

This is the 2nd update we've done today and will continue to update you through all this drama with Irwindale Speedway. Hopefully, it will just be a change of staff and management as it seems.

**UPDATE** Track IS set to close unless another organization or person steps in to takeover the facility. Events like "NIGHTSHIFT" / XDC will be posting up schedule/venue changes soon so please stay posted!

During this weekend there were rumors of the So-Cal popular and famed Irwindale "TOYOTA" Speedway will be closing its doors...forever. Rumors started as early on FRIDAY - Feb. 10, 2012 when several track employees where told that this would be their last paychecks. But that was not the big giveaway - later on during the weekend word spread of the track dismantling grandstands where most pit crew staff would sit during races to wait for cars to pull in during races. This set a wild fire amongst automotive enthusiasts and race fans everywhere as word spread quite quickly.

AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) heard of the news just yesterday while at Import Fashion's Import Showcase from our friends at JDM Sport. According to the rumors from various sources it was evident something is happening at Irwindale Speedway and nobody "OFFICIALY" has made a statement in regards to the future of this amazing Track/Racing facility. Many sources have reported that repeated attempts at reaching executive officials of the Speedway have been unsuccessful. Sponsors have also been put up in the air as calls are not being returned.

MAJOR questions are still not answered regarding upcoming shows and events including "NIGHTSHIFT" by HIN (Hot Import Nights) and XDC (Xtreme Drift Circuit) where they plan to kick-off their inaugural DRIFT/SHOW event! Not to mention other local favorite shows like Sideway Sundays where Irwindale Speedway was the HOME of this great event for DRIFT enthusiasts at the grassroots level!

Facts remain that last year's numbers in attendance had dropped. Fewer major events where being held as well as the BIGGEST factor was the loss of Irwindale Speedway in NASCAR's 2012 schedule. Could these be the main factors?

World re-known as the "HOUSE OF DRIFT" and regarded as one of the premiere short tracks in the NATION. The speedway was also home to several DRIFT events including XDC and the largely popular Formula D, which last year drew in a SOLD OUT crowd to the Formula D finals! What will be the fate and outcome of all these rumors for Irwindale "Toyota" Speedway? Only time will tell and like all of you we'll be awaiting the answers.

It is such a tragic to lose another track to the economy downfall - hopefully something will happen and this monumental location will stay open for enthusiasts of now and the future to enjoy. We'll be crossing our fingers.


AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) x JDM Sport x Firm400



Import Fashion holds 1st event - Import Showcase at K1 Speed in Torrance, CA. Southern California! PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Monday, 13 February 2012 15:55

The JDM Sport Models (left-right: Lena Love, Jenna Lynn, Brittani) with local Firm400 fan, Kevin S. and his GREEN Hyundai Veloster

Being in Southern California has many great perks. From all the great trendy spots, celebrities, local attractions and the many events. Especially, in the car / automotive scene. There are events literally every day. From small meets, car shows, grand openings, and the announcements of NEW shows every weekend! This past weekend was Import Fashion's Import Showcase and we were there with JDM Sport to enjoy it!

Import fashion is known for great coverages of the many local events (like most car blogs/web sites). BUT they differentiate themselves by bringing some fashion flair to their coverages. You'll notice it as well through their personal vehicles ie. "GINA" HOT PINK G35 by AA Autoworks that is VERY well-known locally in So-Cal and not to mention in the automotive scene online around the world. The founder of not only Import Fashion but surely the creator of Import Showcase is Alvin P. a import enthusiast (as well as model enthusiasts) at heart. You probably know one of their models - need we mention Ela Passion? (Made Cover of the latest Performance and Sound Magazine PASMAG). Import Fashion is also well-known in the local VIP Scene as well being affiliated with very popular VIP car crews/clubs and company/organizations!

But onto Import Fashion's 1st (hopefully ANNUAL) Import Showcase. Alvin (founder) and his IF crew spent countless hours and sleepless nights prior to this event to make sure that all friends, fans, and supporters of the 1st Import Showcase had a great time. Careful planning, organizing, staffing, and pain staking hours of preparing the awards and laying out the floor plans at K1 Speed really showed. And all we can say is GREAT JOB! Roll-in was announced literally NIGHT-OF but we're sure not too many knew what that was but everybody knew the show started at 12PM. Our staff along with JDM Sport arrived at suggested roll-in time (before 11AM). Car Show participants and Vendors were greeted with the iF TEAM up front to register. You were then direct you to your designated locations. ON-SITE registration for car show participants was available BUT you could have also registered ONLINE as well to get a discount.

Vendors were few but definitely great big supportive vendors where there. Including NOS Energy Drinks, PASMAG, 3T Motorsports, Aimgain U.S. our friends at JDM Sport where there, Syndicate Customs, and a few other vendors who were their to enjoy the festivities.

While vendor support was limited there was a HUGE support from the So-Cal automotive / fashion scene. itsJDMYo came out to support as well as Fatlace. Not to mention local car crews including but not limited to Low N' Slow, BP VIP, AutoConceptz, TEAM Hate, Immaculate, amongst MANY others. There was also one REALLY incredible CUSTOM GXR Bike that was unveiled for the first time for show circuit which not too many knew of. It was the "Clown" Custom Paint and now WIDE REAR LIP/RIM Chrome Bike from TEAM HATE by owner Ryan "Showboat" Babcock. BIG Car shows had also came out to support that were seen including staff from HIN, Extreme Autofest, Motion, and SpoCom to name a few. And since this was IMPORT FASHION - there were a great amount of models. Obviously, the very popular Ms. Ela Pasion graced her presence for all her fans and the Import Showcase attendees representing her crew Import Fashion. Ms. Holly Lee also showed up near the end of the show taking plenty of photos with fans and in front of cars. JDM Sport also brought out their sexy quartet of ladies including Ms. Elyse, JennaLynn, Brittani, and Lena Love! All we can say is photographers and fans surely had a great time of taking photos all day!

MEDIA was also attended in masses as we saw favorites Night-Import, UM Works, Firm400, AdvanSpec, AutoEvents.com, EAF, Neurotic Minds, itsJDMyo, to mention just a few! Questions is where they there for the cars or models? Guess it's a choice of preference, right? But we definitely guarantee this event had GREAT media coverage so keep your eyes and ears on local social media and blogs for pictures and coverage!

The car show - had some major heavy hitters of the import scene - from VIP, STANCE, TUNER, and CUSTOM - you could find all types of rides there. Fans of car shows were not disappointed. Granted the lot was small BUT the cars that filled the K1 Speed lot made a great showing. Awards were also very FASHIONable! Trophies of all colors and sizes from 1FT to 4FT were later award at the end of the show to the winners which our affiliates at JDM Sport (www.Facebook.com/JDMSport) / Firm400 (www.Facebook.com/Firm400) will be posting on their Facebook Fan pages.

Congratulations to Import Fashion and the 1st Import Showcase! GREAT event and I'm sure I can speak for our affiliates of AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) - GREAT SHOW! We look forward to the next event.

Thanks to JDM Sport for having us with them!

AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) in association with JDM Sport x Firm400.

We will leave you fans with this great RECAP video of Import Showcase by UMWorks / Night-Import! Enjoy!


Monster JAM 2012 - Monster Truck MADNESS with a touch of JDM Sport x TEAM Hate x SCI! *MUST WATCH VIDEO* PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Sunday, 05 February 2012 20:18

Coverage / Article Courtesy of JDM Sport (www.Facebook.com/JDMSport) x Firm400 Magazine (www.Facebook.com/Firm400 x AdvanSpec Network (www.Facebook.com/AdvanSpec) x PhotoJunkie (www.Facebook.com/PhotoJunkie/175484915815815) - visit their Facebook Fan pages by clicking links for more info about each great company and our affiliates AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) fans!

"JDM Sport was recently invited to showcase some of the great sponsored JDM Sport built / sponsored vehicles at a HUGE EVENT - MONSTER JAM 2012! The show for those who do not know is all about MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS! We're lucky to have been invited and wanted to show you what MONSTER JAM is all about. So with the help of our great friends over at the AdvanSpec Network (Automotive Brand/Marketing TEAM specializing in building great foundations to expose ALL affiliated automotive brands and products/services) x TEAM HATE x SCI (Show Cars Inc.) this was made possible!

One of the EVENT coordinators contacted JDM Sport directly to have roughly 10 vehicles to display and showcase something different and unique for the fans and participants of MONSTER JAM 2012 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. So contacts were made and we decided on which vehicles to take to dispay.

Vehicles invited to the event were the following JDM Sport sponsored and/or affiliated vehicles including - award winning TEAM HATE x JDM Sport: Project Genes-X (2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec), award winning TEAM HATE x JDM Sport TURBO Edition "HotBoxZ" (Pruitt Family Scion xB), local award winning TEAM HATE x DJ MATTVEE's STANCED 350z, award winning TEAM HATE AFFILIATE x HIN's / TEAM 1UP's STANCED S2K (Luigi A.), award winning TEAM HATE affiliate x TEAM 1UP "CMCLSR" GREEN Audi A3, and SHOW CARS INC. (SCI) notorious RAIDER NATION LIFTED BEAST TRUCK! All on display and a treat for the eyes and ears of all the MONSTER JAM 2012 fans to see!

Prior to the MAIN event of MONSTER JAM 2012 the entire JDM Sport x TEAM HATE x AdvanSpec Network x Firm400 x PhotoJunkie group arrived with the vehicles to prepare for display. It was quick but VERY early before the show even started. As hours passed the "PIT PARTY" which occured in the area where vendors, vehicle demo displays, monster truck displays, EXTREME Sports (including bike jumps and tandem ramp jumps), and TONS of great food for all attendees to enjoy! Crowds grew and MUCH attention was drawn to the JDM Sport and affiliate vehicles! Tons of young children and youth enjoyed the vehicles - taking photos, posing in front of them, and asking a lot of questions. This made the event a GREAT SUCCESS!After the PIT PARTY the entire JDM Sport x AFFILIATES were treated to the MAIN EVENT: MONSTER JAM 2012!

Well, that's the short of the event - we'll let this GREAT COLLAB VIDEO of PhotoJunkie x Firm400 speak for everything else! Hope you enjoy AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) fans! Please SHARE and make sure to visit the links above to all of our affiliates! We were EXCITED and PROUD to be part of such a HUGE event. Thanks to Kris B. and the entire MONSTER JAM staff for making the event enjoyable for us.

JDM Sport x AdvanSpec Network x Firm400 x PhotoJunkie x SCI"

Enjoy this GREAT video by PhotoJunkie and SHARE!! Thanks to the JDM Sport x Firm400 x AdvanSpec Network x affiliates for the great article!


Super Bowl XLVI (46) 2012 IS HERE! SUPER BOWL SUNDAY watch LIVE on NFL.COM!! PDF Print E-mail
AdvancedJDMParts.com | Sunday, 05 February 2012 19:28

For the FIRST TIME EVERY AdvancedJDMParts.com (AJDMParts.com) - watch Super Bowl XLVI (46) 2012 ONLINE LIVE at NFL.COM.

Making Super Bowl Sunday ADS and the GAME accessible EVERYWHERE! Link is below! Check it out - courtesy of NFL.COM / Super Bowl!

Super Bowl XLVI (46) LIVE online at NFL.COM! Click Here!


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